Dating Advice–How To Seduce Women

Dating Advice

The way that you seduce a woman is to plant embedded suggestions in her mind so that she will become attracted to you. The art of seduction is based upon the building blocks of hypnotic suggestion. You must repetitively suggest to the woman whom you are seducing what you want her to do. There is absolutely nothing unethical with doing this, because women dress suggestive, speak suggestively, and do many things that are sexually suggestive in order to influence men.

Women practice the art of seduction even more than men do.

However, as a man, we need to be suggestive in different ways. You could be suggestive through your dress and appearance, but women are not the visual type of creatures that men are. Women are mainly auditory creatures, so it is through the power of words that seduces women most effectively. You will be able to seduce any female you want using the power of words, because your words are what change a woman’s emotions and alter a woman’s state of mind.

One of the most important events in my life that left me with some powerful dating advice was when I went to a elegant nightclub with a few friends one night. I saw a very good looking well dressed man sitting by himself, and it was evident that he was waiting for women to approach him because he knew he was good looking. He sat and continued to wait for a woman to throw herself at him, and it never happened. At the same time, their was another man at the nightclub who was not very good looking and as well dressed as the good looking guy. Anyway, the not so good looking man was continually approaching women, having conversations with them, getting some of their phone numbers, and also establishing physical contact with them.

The funny thing was that the good looking man was watching the success that the not so good looking guy was having with women, and it was apparent that he resented it. He was most likely wondering why the ladies were hanging out with a guy who wasn’t as tall, good looking, or as well dressed as he was. The man who was good looking had no clue that words were the hypnosis techniques necessary to persuade women, not good looks. Appearances always help, but in the art of seduction, looks are not any where near as essential for a man as seductive language is. We can all learn a great lesson from this story so that we can start to learn the linguistic tools that are necessary to successfully seduce women.

Another essential piece of information you need to know about attracting women through language is that this does not mean you should give women too many compliments. When you give women too many compliments, this is like wearing to much perfume, it is better not to use any than too use too much. Now, you certainly should complement women and make them feel good, but you should do it in a indirect sort of way.

Remember, a man must possess verbal power in order to seduce women. I am sure this is the best dating advice you will ever receive.